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Office:  S-205 (Second floor, next to the elevator)

2019 Maryland Page Program Application: Find application here

AP Students: Summer assignments are listed below by class

AP Government: 
AP GOPO summer 2018.docx

AP World history: 
AP WH reading 2018 summer.pdf 
WH - Ass 10NA Bulliet 3rd Ed 124-129 Bulliet 4th Ed; 136-141; Geo of Rome, Roman Rep, Roman Expan.docx
WH - Ass 2 Mckay 10th Ed 35-42 Mesopotamia.docx
WH - Ass 9 Mckay 10th Ed 117-123 & 128-130 Greece Geo The Polis Sparta and Athenian Dem Greek Phil.docx

AP US history:
APUSH students should memorize the presidents in order (and dates) as well as the prescribed key dates provided. APUSH presidents 2018.pdf APUSH Key Dates 2018.pdf Students should also purchase an AMSCO US history book as their textbook ( and complete the first 3 chapter notes for the first B day of school. APUSH amsco chapter 1.pdf APUSH amsco chapter 2.pdf APUSH amsco chapter 3.pdf

AP European history: 
AP Euro letter 2018.pdf 
AP Euro questions 2018 summer.pdf 
AP Euro reading 2018 summer.pdf

8th grade parents - information about our program