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Flight of the Lawnchair Man School Edition

Flight of the Lawnchair Man School Edition has been carefully edited, with additional director’s notes throughout, to make the show more producible for high school groups. In some cases problematic language has been changed, while in others an alternate choice is offered at the discretion of the director. Jerry Gorman is a regular guy from Passaic, New Jersey who just wants to fly.  The neighbors think he’s nutty and his mother disapproves.  But his girlfriend Gracie believes in him.  Loosely based on a true story, Jerry soars to 16,000 feet with nothing but a lawnchair and 400 helium balloons. Flight of the Lawnchair Man School Edition is a musical that reminds us that dreams can come true if you believe in yourself.

NOVEMBER 16, 17 & 18, 2017      7 PM

$10 General Admission


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  •                CAST BIOS FOR                  FLIGHT OF THE
  • Davis Guyton

    as Jerry Gorman

    Davis Guyton is elated to be appearing as Jerry Gorman in this years fall musical at Hereford. Davis is a sophmore and previously appeared in last years production of Anything Goes as an ensemble member. Davis would like to thank his parents and especially his grandmother for their support.  

  • Cecily Dunn-Feliz

    as Gracie

    Cecily Dunn-Feliz has been involved with theatre at a young age. She is an intern, member, and former soloist at the Peabody Institute. She has done work with A.C.T, Youth Theatre of Baltimore County, and JES Theatre. She also is a scare actress at Field of Screams for the importance of arts in school. 

  • Samantha Williams

    as Mother Gorman

    This is Samantha's final year in Hereford's Theatre Program! She is thrilled to be playing the hilarious Mother Gorman in The Flight of the Lawn Chair Man. She would like to thank her parents, Mr. Rose, Mr. Sobel, and Ms. Gussie for all their help and support over the years. Enjoy the show!

  • Andrew Spence

    as Big Jack Preston

    Andrew is a freshman and is 14 years old. Since he was 6 years old, Andrew has been in numerous musical productions. He is very excited to be in his first musical at HHS and thanks Mr. Rose, Mr. Sobel, and the entire cast and crew for the opportunity. 

  • Sarah Flynn                                                                               as Blaire 

    Sarah Flynn is ecstatic to be in The Flight of the Lawn Chair Man. You may have previously seen her as an Angel in Anything Goes or as Mary Jane Wilkes in Big River at Loyola Blakefield. She would like to thank Mr. Rose, Mr. Sobel, Mrs. Gussie, and everyone else who made this show possible! Remember as they say in Come From Away, "There's nothing in between me and the sky." Enjoy! 

    • Abby Klink

      as Amelia Earhart

      Abby Klink is a current junior and is thrilled to begin her third year with Hereford Theater. She would like to thank her friends and family for their support and especially the cast and crew of The Flight of the Lawnchair Man for the never ending laughs. To quote Katherine Hepburn, "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." 

    • Gregory Bennett

      as Leonardo Da Vinci

      Gregory Bennett has just come in to the high school this year. This is not his first show, however is his first show at Hereford High School. Gregory's previous parts in shows have been Judas, Ryan Evans, Horton, and much more! Gregory is excited to be playing Leonardo Da Vinci in The Flight of the Lawn Chair Man and plans to be in many future shows. 

    • Nate Kalb

      as Charles Lindbergh

      Nate is a senior at Hereford. This is his second show but he has been involved in theater and choir throughout his four years at Hereford. 

    • Ben Turek

      as Mr. Frankel

      Ben is a senior who is thrilled to be in his sixth show at Hereford High School. Ben is also delighted to see the cast of this show perform and work together! Enjoy!

    • Rachel Hazlett

      as Nasa Official

      Rachel has loved the theatre since she was in her first production at the age of eight. You may have seen her before in Legally Blonde or the play The Skin of Our Teeth. Now a Senior, Rachel is excited to be apart of this year and hopes you have a wonderful time! 

      • Zyan Williams

        as FAA Agent

        Zyan is involved in her community with many things such as mock trial and football. She has a bright personality and is always willing to volunteer. Though she is a sophmore, she is wise beyond her years!

      • Emily Kohlenstein

        as TV Reporter

        Emily is a senior and has been performing in Hereford Theatre Productions since her freshman year. She is so excited to perform in one of her last high school shows as the T.V. Reporter in The Flight of the Lawn Chair Man. Emily would like to thank everyone who has made the past four years a great experience! Enjoy the show!

      • Esther Yu

        as French Boy

        Esther is very excited to be in thie show and is honored to be a choreographer along with Katelyn Dixon! Yiou may have seen her in other Hereford shows such as Urinetown and Anything Goes! She hopes you enjoy the show and have a great experience. 


      • Katelyn Dixon

        as French Boy

        Katelyn is a junior at Hereford. Before this show, she was in Legally BlondeUrinetown, and Anything Goes. Katelyn is a dancer and teacher at EMC Performing Arts Studio, a member of Hereford's Dance Company, Chamber Choir, the Peabody Children's Choir, and a student intern with the Peabody Children's Choir. She is so excited to be the dance captain and choreographer for another musical! 

      • Katie Allen

        Katie is a freshman at Hereford High School. She has taken nine years of dance and has been in choirs since third grade. Katie has been accepted into All County and All State Junior Honors Choir and is also apart of DCC (adult choir)and DCYC as a helper. 

        • Mary Beth Bauerman

          Mary Beth is so excited to be a part of The Flight of the Lawnchair Man. This is her second musical at Hereford. She is a member of both the chamber choir and dance company at Hereford. She also enjoys playing guitar, reading, and writing. She hopes that you enjoy the show.

        • Gracie Brown

          Gracie is a freshman and she is 14. She has been in over fourteen musicals and plays. This is her first production at HHS and she is extremely thankful for the opportunity. She thanks the cast and crew, Mr. Sobel, and Mr Rose for all the hardwork they have put into this production. 

        • Nina Burget

          Nina Burget is an outgoing, courageous, and hardworking young woman. In her free time, as well as in school, Nina dances for Hereford. This will be her debut production and she is beyond excited to contribute and preform in this show!

        • Ellie Clark

          Ellie Clark is a freshman at HHS and is very excited to be in her first Hereford Show. Ellie has in five other musical productions including HonkThe Little MermaidInto the WoodsThe Lion King, and Les Miserables as well as Hereford Dance Three class. She hopes you enjoy the show!

        • Jane Clark

          Jane is very excited to be performing as ensemble in the show, The Flight of the Lawnchair Man. She has been in the Hereford Program for three years and can't wait to perform this year! Jane also played Fantine from Les Miserables at A.C.T. She hopes you enjoy the show!

        • Julia Coe

          Julia is a sophomore at HHS. She loves theatre and performing. She often volunteers after school at an elementary school with little kids. This is her third show at Hereford. 

        • Meghan Ebert

          Meghan is a sophomore and it's her first official HHS musical! She is very excited to jump into the world of Flight of the Lawnchair Man and making lasting memories. She is a part of the ensemble and ready to use her past exprience being Lord Farquad from Shrek and Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahantas at Seventh District's theatre camp. 

        • Hailey Gaede

          Hailey is a senior at HHS and even though this is her first show with the high school, she has done nine past shows with the Youth Theater of Northern Baltimore County (YTNBC) over the past several years. She loves the world of theater amd hopes to inspire others to love it.

        • Maddie Gaede

          Maddie is enjoying taking part in her second show at HHS. She is a part of chorale chorus and also takes part in productions at the Youth Theater of Northern Baltimore County. Her other hobbies include reading, eating chocolate, and binge watching Supernatural.

        • Lauren Garcia

          This is her second show with the Hereford Theatre Program, and she's excited to be a part of it! she has participated in various other theatre programs and sings in the Peabody Children's Chorus.

          • Christopher Gottleib

            Chris is an an intellegent, amazing, helpful, and kind person. He is glad to be part of the ensemble and can't wait to work with everyone. He has been in over eight theatre productions and can't wait to entertain a wondrful audience yet again!

          • Georgia Hammond

            Georgia is a freshman at HHS. She has been homeschooled all the way up until freshman year. She is thrilled to be apart of Flight of the Lawnchair Man. When she is not on stage, Georgia enjoys ice skating, playing gaga ball, and making people smile. 

          • Kaitlyn Houreas

            Kaitlyn is very thrilled to be in Flight of the Lawnchair Man. She is a sophomore and this is her third show at Hereford High. You might have saw her in the ensemble from Anything Goes as Bailey or Moses from The Skin of Our Teeth. 

          • Jenny Lenhoff

            Jenny loves theatre and has been involved in shows in the community of Hereford. She is excited for the show and hopes everyone will enjoy it. 

          • Cindy Parker

            Cindy is a freshman at HHS and has been performing in community theater since she was five years old. She has been in 16 community productions and has been honored to play such roles as Ariel in The Little Mermaid and Fantine in Les Miserables. Cindy would like to thank Mr. Rose and Mr. Sobel for their amazing guidance and this wonderful opportunity!

            • Gwyn Shepard

              Gwyn is a sophomore and she is more than thrilled to be in this year's production.  You may notice her from Anything Goes and The Skin of Our Teeth. In this show she is part of the ensemble. She would like to thank her mom for driving her to and from rehearsal.  

            • Rose Cabral

              Backstage Manager

              This is Rose's second year as backstage manager. She previously was backstage manager for The Skin of Our Teeth and was a part of stage crew for Legally Blonde and Anything Goes. Rose would to thank Mr. Rose, Mr. Sobel, and Ms. Gussie for all of their hard work and dedication. She would also like to thank her dog, family, Cheez-its, and the Academy. 

            • Luke Caplan

              Assistant Backstage Manager

              This is Luke's first year as assistant backstage manager. Luke has done stage crew in the past for Anything Goes and Skin of Our Teeth. Luke would like to thank the cast and crew, Mr Rose, Mr Sobel, and Rose Cabral for all of their hard work. 

            • Caroline Dias

              Frontstage Manager

              This is Caroline's first year as frontstage manager. Caroline previously acted in other Hereford productions. She is excited to work with the whole cast and crew for this show. She would like to thank Mr. Rose, Mr. Sobel, Ms. Gussie, and the cast and crew for their hard work!

              • August Bubier

                Head of Sound

                August Bubier has been fascinated with sounds since his first days as a listening enthusiasts on this earth. His Favorite senses being the gift of hearing, he is thrilled to have finally made the big leagues as Head of Sound. He thinks Master or God of Sound would be more appropriate title, but he isn't going to throw a fit about it. He would like to thank his two amazing and beautiful sisters for being the best role models over the years. Without their constant wisdom and support, he probably wouldn't have made it to kindergarten after dropping out of preschool, not to mention making it to Captain Sound Status. He would also like to thank his eldest, rockstar of a sister, Michaela, for writing this killer bio. 

              • Elizabeth Thompson

                Head of Lights

                As a Junior in highschool, this is Elizabeth's second year working on the lights crew.  She is grateful to have been apart of Hereford's theatre productions and looks forward to a great Junior year as head of the lighting department.