Prom and School Dance Updates

For the 2018-19 school year and beyond, the following are policies regarding school-sponsored dances:

  • All BCPS policies and procedures remain in effect.

  • Many school-sponsored dances are open to all Hereford High School students and tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Some dances may have a limited amount of tickets.

  • Senior classes will host a senior-only prom at a Baltimore County venue. (The class of 2019 will be the first class to host this event.)

  • Junior classes will host a junior formal in the school’s cafeteria. (The class of 2020 will be the first class to host this event.)

  • Only seniors can purchase tickets to the senior prom, and only juniors can purchase tickets to the junior formal.

  • Seniors and juniors may invite other Hereford students, or other non-HHS high school students as their guests.

  • Juniors and/or seniors may purchase a maximum of two tickets for their prom.

  • All attendees must bring a photo I.D. such as a BCPS I.D., school I.D., or driver’s permit/license AND their ticket to be admitted to the dance.

  • All attendees will be required to arrive to the prom by a certain time and are not permitted to leave until a specified time (indicated on ticket and guest form).  Exceptions require advanced administrative approval.

  • Students bringing a high school guest outside of HHS must follow the conditions and terms stated on the Guest Form.

Changes to proms, dances, and events are occurring because of the need to make the entire prom experience safer and more affordable for our students. If students or parents have any questions or concerns or need clarification about any change and the reason why, please first talk to your child, and then, please do not hesitate to contact one of the grade-level advisors or administrators or one of your PTSA Executive Board members. As always, if you need to get in touch with me, please use my email address or contact the main office.
Thank you for your continued support,
Joe Jira

Sample Guest Forms:

Below is a sample guest form to a previous dance.  To get the most updated version of these forms, please go to the main office.

SAMPLE: Homecoming Guest Form