2015 Kit Car

2015 Kit carDrivingCarCarcar
 The 2015 car consisted of a revised globalleee electric car kit. This car uses 4 12 volt batteries, to power the 48 volt motor. The motor is direct drive attached to the rear wheel. This design is more efficient then the 2013 chain driven vehicle. We are currently rewiring and changing the battery storage.
 January 2015 Received new kit car, reviewed manual
 February 2015 Began assembly and wiring of the new car.
 March 2015 Painted car, added steering and improved passenger compartment.
 Spring 2015 Began test driving the car.
 Fall 2015  Minor repairs to the car, ex. fixing the brakes and getting it ready for next year
 Winter 2016 Worked on the electronics for the car
 Spring 2016  Test driving car for competiton