AP Course descriptions

AP courses (graduation required courses)

*AP World History (typically open to 10th grade students)

*AP Government and Politics (typically open to 9th grade students prior to class of 2028, 11th grade students starting with class of 2028)

Student Testimonials

“We talked freely about what was happening in the news since we are living in an historical time.”

“I really enjoyed the polling project. Working in real time and seeing the actual effects of polling was pretty cool! I also enjoyed any debates or mock trials we did, they definitely helped me gain a better understanding.”

“I really liked the discussions we would have at the beginning of class about the current state of affairs in government, and how we would relate that to the topics we were covering that day. It really helped me to remember and understand these concepts, while staying up to date in the news.”

“My favorite thing we’ve done has been the debates. It’s eye-opening when you have to argue for a point you don’t agree with. I enjoyed this challenge and it was interesting to see others perspectives and how they got a point across.”

“Government has been one of, if not my favorite class of all time! I'm definitely interested in pursuing a career path related to political science, and you continued to help me find my passion.”

*AP US history (typically open to 11th grade students prior to class of 2028, 10-12th grade students as an elective starting with the class of 2028)

*AP Economics (open to 12th grade students - 11th grade with teacher/parent/counselor approval)

Elective AP courses (do not fulfill graduation requirements)

AP African American Studies (open to 10th-12th grade students) 

AP European History (open to 10th-12th grade students)

AP Human Geography (open to 10-12th grade students)

AP Psychology (open to 11th and 12th grade students)