CTE fall classic

Hereford High School     17301 York Road       Parkton     MD    21286

Are your teams psyched?!?! On Saturday November 21 is the BCPS CTE VEX Robotics Competition hosted by Hereford’s National Technical Honor Society! Please read the following email and provide it to appropriate teams. Let us know if there are any questions.

 Please forward to all Teams,  Advisors and Key Volunteers,


Pre-Comp scrimmage: A reminder that we will be holding a 'build session and scrimmage' at Hereford High School on Wednesday afternoon / evening 2:30 - 7:00 in the Tech Ed rooms (Rooms M109 and M110). All Nov 20 / 21 participating teams are welcome to attend. Students might get help on final prep of robots and have a chance to participate in informal scrimmage to practice. In the past this has been a chance for teams of different clubs to form friendships as they get to know each other outside of competition. We hope you consider attending.


Parking: We are including a schematic of parking for the high school (I apologize about quality). The event will be held in the cafeteria. The cafeteria is located in the back of the school between the water tower and greenhouse. There is plenty of parking on the side of the building near the water tower. From there it is a short walk to cafeteria. You can also park in front of building and in student lot to the north of the gym. PLEASE DRIVE SLOW IN PARKING LOT AS THERE WILL BE A LOT OF PEDESTRIANS NOT FAMILIAR WITH AREA.


Morning Registration and Inspection Process : You may realize that this year's inspection sheet includes PTC testing to make sure teams are not circumventing the circuit breakers in the motors, or using illegal motors altogether and hiding them in VEX casings. We are not planning on doing PTC testing at inspection as I believe PTC testing is optional at events. I would just remind you to use legal, unmodified motors supplied by VEX. We believe in fair play and expect that all competitors are playing fairly. In the event we must, I will have PTC test kits on site as needed. Please have motor wires accessible in case we need to plug in. FAQs about this testing can be found at robotevents.


Food Orders: Please find forms attached! Please fill out and e-mail to me by Thursday November 19, and provide the money at check-in! We'll have your food in time for lunch break at 12 pm for Saturday’s event.


Match lists: We hope to print these out on Friday night and e-mail pdfs out so things are ready for you Saturday morning. However, this only works if everyone comes on Saturday. No-shows will force us to re-generate match lists. So, if you know that one or more of your teams will not be participating, please let me know as soon as you know. We hope to finalize the match lists by 5 pm Friday.


Judging Process: Mike Grubbs will be setting up the judging schedule. We plan on setting defined judging times for teams. Note that this is just for the initial visit - judges may still come by later if follow-up is needed, so be aware of that. Interview slots will be 20 minutes in length. Mike Grubbs and judges will determine specifics of judging process.


Robot and Programming Skills: Unfortunately there will be no robot or programming skills during this challenge due to limited space.


Team List Change: Ridgely teams will not be competing in the Saturday event. They cannot be deleted from the event listing as they were marked as paid. 


BCPS Volunteer List: BCPS Teams… Please provide me with a final list of volunteers that will be provided by your team, as per discussions with Mike McIntyre. Please submit lists by Wednesday, November 18.