Special Programs

Aviation and Aerospace Program Overview:  
Take flight with our Aviation and Aerospace program.  The introductory course will provide the foundation for advanced exploration in the areas of flying, aerospace engineering, and unmanned aircraft systems. Students will learn about engineering practices, problem solving, and the innovations and technological developments that have made today's aviation and aerospace industries possible. Principles of Aviation and Aerospace will lay the foundation for continued study in either the Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Aerospace Engineering Pathways.

Programs Contacts: 


Agriscience Program Overview:  
Rich past, bright future is the theme for our unique Agriscience program.  This program begins with an introduction to agriculture course that lays the foundation for studies in natural resources, plant science, and animal science pathways.  

Innovative and Unique Agriculture courses include: 

- Veterinary Animal Science
- Plant Science
- Biotechnology
- Agricultural Mechanics
- Environmental Studies 
- Capstone Work Experience 

Program Contact: 

If you have questions about either program, please contact the program coordinators.   Questions about the special transfer application can be directed to Mrs. Emily Book - Assistant Principal ([email protected]).  

If you are not zoned for Hereford High School but are interested in one of these unique programs, you can complete the application for special transfer.  Applications must be submitted to the principal, Mr. Robert Covert ([email protected]).