Engineering Electives

Engineering Graduation Credits and Electives

Engineering Principles and App
lications (Honors)  ID - 55.3500.4 (FULFILLS TECH ED REQUIREMENT)

What is the most efficient way to approach a problem? How are electric motors designed? What is most efficient design to carry a load? Who are engineers? Engineering Principles is designed for any student wishing to learn more about the field of engineering and some of the fundamental concepts from various engineering disciplines This is hands-on exploration of engineering and technology using project-based learning. 

Engineering Tech (GT) ID - 5.53500.5 (FULFILLS TECH ED REQUIREMENT)

GT Engineering Tech is for a student desiring a more rigorous, hands-on, engineering-based experience with a focus on math and science concepts. GT engineering tech places and emphasis on mechatronics, a hybrid of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. Students enrolled in GT engineering Tech gain hands-on experience working with pneumatics, hydraulics, electricity and manufacturing of mechanical parts and machines through degree of group and independent projects. Students program Arduino processors to control automated solutions to engineering challenges. Project based learning is a focus of the class as students become proficient with Autodesk CAD and Digital Fabrication (3D printer, Laser Engraver and CNC machine)

Advanced Technology Education Classes

Engineering Design and Research ID - 55.8500.4/.5 (Honors / GT)
Designed for students desiring the opportu
nity to focus on an independent research project, this course enables students to apply what they have learned in academic and engineering technology courses as they complete challenging, self-directed projects. Students work in teams (HON) or individually (GT) to design and build solutions to authentic engineering problems. Students determine a community-centered problem and engineer a working prototype solution. This course incorporates Purdue University's Engineering Projects Incorporating Community Service (EPICS) curriculum. This course equips students with the independent study skills that they will need in postsecondary education and careers in engineering and engineering technology.

ATA (TV and RADIO Broadcasting) ID - 55.1500.0 (Honors)
Designed for students desiring an introduction into video production and television, Students have great opportunity to be creative while independently advanced video production techniques. Students focus on, and produce, the Morning Announcements. Recommended for students interested in Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

Advanced Design Applications ID - 55.1600.0 
A hands-on engineering-based class 
emphasizing large scale design challenges focusing on structures, transportation, power and energy, and digital fabrication technologies. Previous areas of study investigated ‘Off the Grid Mini House’ design in which students designed and built "to scale" houses powered by solar energy. Recommended for students interested in architecture, civil engineering, Computer Aided Design (CAD), green energy, and manufacturing.

student using the band saw to cut wood (GT Engineering and Design))
Taylor Brinsfield Using a Bandsaw (GT Engineering and Design)